Welcome to Free Photo Tool (A Photoshop free online Picture Editor)

Photo editing is an art when you use the free photoshop online (best alternative), web tools comes in handy when cannot afford the expensive desktop based softwares like Adobe Online Photoshop (But it's worth it, when you can), try this Free photo tool which have some of the basic features of photoshop for free (The world's most popular Image editing program)

You’ll rarely see graphic designers that don’t have this software installed on their PC, because it is amazing software that can do any image editing.

Free Photo Tool is pretty much useful and a must have for peoples who want to create pictures or edit the existed ones Online without downloading or installing any computer program

Moreover, If you’re looking for an image editor than can help you create amazing graphics, infographics, banners, and logos then you’re on the right place, FreePhotoTool.com is all in one graphic design web based application.

Simply create an image from scratch and start using the tools on the left side to modify the graphic, or upload your own or your friend’s photo to enhance and add effects to them.

online photoshop

It’s also a precious tool for the website designers, all in one image editor makes it easy to create graphics for websites, play with the tool and come up with cool things.

Free Photo Tool Main Features

  • Web based photoshop editor, doesn’t require any downloading or installation.
  • Easy to use, Simple and creative interface makes it easy to edit photos.
  • Cross platform, it can work on any operating system and on all browsers.
  • it’s absolutely free to use anytime, anywhere.
  • Unlimited possibilities, it has almost all the basic functionalities of Photoshop.

How it Works?

Free Photo Tool uses Photopea.com API, Thanks to the developers whose creative abilities came with this Photoshop online free image editor.

Start working with the app by creating a new file in the main menu, choose the width and height
and use the layers tools, adjustments, sizes, cropping, moving, erasing, selecting, and lots of other built-in features to edit images.